Kids wear For St. Patrick's Day

5 Ideas For Dressing Up Your Kids For St. Patrick's Day

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Dressing up in as many green and shamrocks as possible is half the fun of St. Patrick's Day for kids of all ages. On March 17, what better way to show the world that you're Irish than by wearing all 40 shades of green at once? There are plenty of kids' loungewear wholesale options to choose from that will get all kids into the spirit of things, whether they're marching in a parade or just watching from the sidelines.

St. Patrick's Day is rapidly approaching. If you've left your child's costume for the St. Patrick's Day Parade or dress-up party until the last minute, we've got you covered with some fantastic St. Patrick's Day dress-up ideas for kids.

A Witty Tee Says It All

Green ensures that you will not be pinched, but can it also make you laugh? A statement tee accomplishes both. Whether your tee says "Let the shenanigans begin!" or another humorous take on holiday, your love of St. Patrick's Day will add to the merriment of the festivities without requiring you to don a full St. Paddy's costume. For your serious-minded child, you can get a simple t-shirt from wholesale kidswear that says "Happy St. Patrick's Day."

Festive Socks

If you want to avoid being pinched, choose a pair of socks for your kids that can be worn discreetly under slacks, pants, and baby t-shirts wholesale. They're subtle enough to wear anywhere, so whether your baby is going to a party or a friend's house, he'll feel just right. Also, go with some green wholesale crib shoes.

Add Some Accessories

Let's just not overshadow the impact of accessories or jewelry. With a gorgeous green silk scrunchie, you can dress up a sophisticated ponytail. The one from kids loungewear wholesale is hand-stitched, and the silk material slides easily over your little girl's hair, preventing breakage. While it's ideal for a splash of green on St. Patrick's Day, it can also be worn all year.

Why not get your little girl a super cute St. Patrick's Day themed headband? It's an excellent accessory for your girls who need a costume but don't want to go "All Out" in a big green outfit.

You only need felt, string, and a headband base to complete this project. Get adorable accessories for your little girl from kids' wear wholesalers.

Lucky Loungewear

If your baby's St. Patrick's Day plans include staying in or lounging on the couch, you can still use the holiday to treat yourself and your baby. Matching loungewear set from mommy and me outfits wholesale features a shamrock, and the word "lucky" and the breathable long-sleeve tee will keep you comfortable all spring.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, some fantastic cool dress-up ideas for kids. Follow the tips to make your baby the most attractive person at the party. Everyone should have a happy St. Patrick's Day. Have a great time dressing up and having fun with your kids!

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