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How And Why Is St Patrick's Day Celebrated

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St. Patrick's Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick or Lá Fheile Pádraig in Irish, is a cultural and religious holiday observed on March 17, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick Ireland's patron saint.

The holiday commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and the Irish heritage and culture in general. Public parades and festivals, céils, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks are all part of the festivities.

Christians of all liturgical denominations attend church services, and historically, the Lenten prohibitions on eating and drinking alcohol were eased for the day, which fostered and spread the holiday's custom of alcohol use. Discover surprising facts about this holiday, such as how and why St. Patrick's Day is celebrated, and get some st. Patrick outfit ideas from kids boutique wholesale.

When Was St. Patrick's Day First Celebrated?

People in Ireland have been celebrating the Roman Catholic feast day of St. Patrick on March 17 since the ninth or tenth centuries. The first St. Patrick's Day parade was held in America, not Ireland.

A St. Patrick's Day parade was held on March 17, 1601, in a Spanish colony in what is now St. Augustine, Florida, according to records. The parade, as well as a previous St. Patrick's Day celebration, were organized by the Spanish Colony's Irish vicar, Ricardo Artur.

On March 17, 1772, homesick Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched in New York City to honor the Irish patron saint. From there, enthusiasm for St. Patrick's Day parades in New York City, Boston, and other early American cities grew.

Traditions And Celebrations For St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is marked by parades, shamrocks, and everything Irish. Discover how the symbols we currently associate with St. Patrick's Day, such as leprechauns and the color green, came to be.

Every year on March 17, rivers and landmarks across the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, Egypt, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Brazil, Latvia, and Dubai turn green. Though it's billed as a celebration of Irish national pride, St. Patrick's Day traditions are open to anyone who wants to dress in green.
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Brussels Belgium

On March 17, in addition to a traditional parade, Brussels residents participate in Irish sports such as Gaelic football, hurling, and camogie. If you want to clean up your sports gear later, go to the black-tie St. Patrick's Day Ball, where you can toast during a champagne reception. It's unclear whether or not the champagne is green.

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Final Thoughts

For your party, make green beer and green chocolate chip cookies. It's customary in Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with family, so perhaps you'd like to do the same. So dress your children in children's boutique wholesale USA's outfits and accompany them. Regardless of how you celebrate, here's hoping it's a lucky day.

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