wholesale Kids Clothing Suppliers in the USA!

Top 8 wholesale Kids Clothing Suppliers in the USA!

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Kudos on choosing a huge niche if you own or intend to own a children's clothing business. The first and most critical step is to locate wholesale children's clothes vendors. Wholesale children's clothing suppliers include firms and individuals who provide bulk children's clothes to retailers, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and other intermediaries. Children grow up rapidly, and the life cycle of children's apparel is relatively brief. This is why many parents replace their children's attire from head to toe whenever the season changes. As the number of children aged 0 to 14 years old continues to rise year after year, a significant children's clothes business has emerged. Thus, numerous manufacturers are lured to this field. It's critical to discover reputable wholesale kids' clothes suppliers to guarantee that the quality and style of children's clothing you're selling will be properly welcomed by clients.

So, if you want to make the most of your business by selling high-quality children's clothes, browse below to locate the top children's clothing suppliers on the market.

Little Threads, Inc.

Little Threads, Inc.

Little Threads, Inc., a children's clothes wholesaler, was founded in July 2006. Their items are well-known for their colorful colors and designs. The majority of their materials are sourced from Europe, and their clothing is constructed of the greatest quality textiles. Marco & Lizzy, their flagship brand, has evolved into two sister series. Their simplicity, pleasant and delicate classic look and European elegance are what make them stand out. They are happy to fulfill your expectations as a wholesale children's boutique apparel provider. When you're not perfectly content, you have three days to notify them and return the items, and they will reimburse your whole purchase price.

Rioco Kidswear:

Rioco Kidswear

Rioco Kidswear is an online retailer of high-quality children's wholesale apparel at affordable costs, specializing in stylish children's boutique clothes. They are the greatest option if you are seeking high-quality baby clothing collections. Rioco Kidswear has grown to become a prominent superior wholesale kidswear supplier globally since its inception in 2019. It focuses on providing unique, out-of-the-box styles and designs that no other source can match. They place a premium on quality, and they only choose items that fulfill our AQL2.5 requirements. In addition to it, they enable store owners to develop profitable businesses by carrying thousands of on-trend baby and children's clothes and accessories goods by simplifying stock ordering.

Penguin Kids Wear:

Penguin Kids Wear, Incorporated is a clothing manufacturer that caters to both children and adults. Its objective as a wholesaler of children's apparel is to deliver high-quality clothing to all stores to assist them to grow sales and profits. They exclusively sell genuine licensed merchandise produced from high-quality materials. It is not difficult to buy wholesale, and they make the procedure easier for our consumers. Vendors of children's clothes, internet merchants, and exporters comprise the majority of their clients. According to client comments, their after-sales support is also quite good.

Dudu Wholesale:

They've linked over 200,000 local stores with thousands of new and established brands as a wholesale children's clothes provider. Dudu Wholesale lets independent brands and small businesses acquire and sell wholesale items online. They may tailor it to match the company's brand, making the purchasing procedure much easier for the buyer. Their platform includes strong capabilities for sales, marketing, and analysis. They provide a wide range of items to fulfill your various requirements.

Kiddies World:

Kiddies World deals in wholesale children's clothes. They've been in the business for more than 10 years and are one of the major children's apparel producers in the United States. To make youngsters feel at ease, they select the greatest fabrics and create the nicest patterns. If you're seeking high-quality children's apparel, Kiddies World is the place to go. Their experience is complemented by the appropriate knowledge. They have a group of designers and personnel that work tirelessly to guarantee that all of our items are of the highest possible quality. One will acquire professional experience with one of the leading wholesale baby clothing manufacturers in the United States when they join Kiddies World.


Appaman is a commercial provider of children's clothes. The company is about the founder's and his friends' experiences, and it reflects the carefree atmosphere of those formative years. Every season, they develop new works and refresh our tried-and-true favorites. The new series debuted during the summertime of 2003. Every season, Appaman expands its product lines by introducing new series, goods, and product lines. They aspire to be the leading wholesale children's clothes provider in the United States. Even though Appaman is expanding, they will never lose sight of their dedication to providing excellent customer service and high-quality clothes.


In the United States, Honeydew is a wholesaler of children's apparel. They feature a wide variety of children's clothing, ranging from short-sleeved shirts to coats in a variety of styles. Their merchandise is reasonably priced, and they offer delivery services to their consumers. When you buy extra, you save even more. Each piece of clothing has its own set of features, such as function, design, and craftsmanship. The company specializes in children's apparel wholesale. They ensure that our garments are comfortable. Many consumers have given them positive feedback, therefore they are looking forward to helping you and receiving your purchase.

Vintage Blu Pony

Blu Pony Vintage was established in 2010  as a wholesaler of children's apparel. The creator has no fashion expertise, but rather enjoys collecting early 1900s children's apparel. These things have been worn for over 70 years and are still in good condition. Vintage Blu Pony specializes in high-quality wholesale children's apparel, and you can tell since each item is made with care and attention to detail. They believe that the items we manufacture will not only be popular now but also in the future. The objective of Blu Pony Vintage is to provide high-quality apparel for girls that will not only allow them to experience their childhood and therefore will be cherished and appreciated by subsequent generations.

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