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Ideal Color Combination For Kids' Clothing

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Designers and brands have traditionally used traditional segregated colors for boys and girls. Boys would be treated to a young version of the classic masculine color palette: blues, greens, and perhaps a touch of red and yellow. On the other hand, girls would be dressed in the cutest version of a feminine color palette: PINK.

The silhouettes are quite simple; we're talking onesies, soft denim, t-shirts, and so on. So many people now want to break these stereotypes and have their children wear unique colors without any gender discrimination. Here we will let you know about the best color combination for your kidswear wholesale.

Match Kids' Clothes Using Color Wheel

1. Start With Analogous Colors

Analogous Color T-shirt

Analogous colors are adjacent on the color wheel and have the same hue. When introducing new colors into your children's wardrobe, choose a color that feels decent to your kid, such as light blue. Blue is located on the color wheel between teal and blue-violet. If you think your child will look great in light blue, buy blue wholesale toddler shorts and pair them with a teal or blue-violet for a two-color look.

2. Dark Color Combination

Dark colors are normally not liked by children; they prefer to be showy and colorful, but there are times when you need them to be calm and respectable. In that situation, instead of choosing unusual colors for them, you can choose toddler clothes wholesale in dark colors that satisfy both your and his desires. Mauve, brown, chocolate, and a deep tan, for example. These dark hues can be matched with a white or cream-colored item.

3. Combination Of Neutral Colors

Neutral Color T-shirt

Yellow and green are the most popular gender-neutral colors for babies. If you don't know the gender of your newborn baby yet, these colors are great.

Neutral colors can be used as a base for brighter colors, but they can also be used together. Neutrals like brown, black, navy blue, and white nearly always match well with vibrant colors, so don't hesitate to choose black pants with brown shoes and toddler polo shirts wholesale of your favorite color for your kid.

4. Embrace Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are on the color wheel opposite one other and can create a magnificent power clash: Colors like fuchsia and chartreuse or burgundy and forest green come to mind. Both colors show out when you choose vivid colors for your children.

Some Basic Rules That Are Free Of Any Trends

  • Bright colors appeal to children and contribute to a positive mood.
  • Both black and white are considered too harsh and should only be used rarely or as a background. However, softer or neutral tones work well for sleepwear.
  • Print can lift your design to new heights.
  • To bind all of your patterns, colors, prints, and trimmings together, create a story.

Final Thoughts

Blue is often linked with boys and pink with girls; however, we believe that any color is fine for your baby as long as you like it. So, from the wholesale baby boutique clothing, choose any of your preferred color combinations for your children.

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