Dressing Your Kids in Winter

Tips For Dressing Your Kids In Winter

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We all know that when the temperature drops and the first signs of winter appear, the first thing that comes to our minds is the baby's clothing. Winter is a magical time for kids to engage in outdoor activities. It's entertaining and beneficial to them. But, before you lead them out the door, make sure they're appropriately attired.

3 Tips for Dressing Your Kids in Winter

Any outdoor-loving family will tell you the difference between a day of fun and a day of whining in the winter is all in the clothes. And, while winter clothing shopping can appear overwhelming, with too many options - which fabric, how many layers?

Dressing babies and children for winter in Trendy Kids Wholesale Clothing is an art form. Our winter dressing tips ensure they're not too hot or too cold, but just right—whether they're going for a snow ride, to the park, or the store with you.

1.     Winter Layering

A well-known winter weather dressing rule is to dress babies and children in one extra layer of clothing than an adult.

Layers allow air pockets to form between clothing layers, allowing heat to be trapped and children to stay warm. Layering also allows children to remove a jacket or sweater when they become overheated to avoid sweating.

You can also choose a synthetic fabric from wholesale baby boy clothes for base layers. These typically have the advantage of drying quickly and, more often than not, are less expensive than their wool counterparts.

2.     Hat, gloves, socks, and boots are mandatory

When it's cold outside, your child's head, ears, hands, and feet are the most vulnerable. Depending on the weather, make sure your child has heavy socks, waterproof boots, waterproof gloves, a scarf and hat, and earmuffs on hand to keep them toasty and warm.

In winters, infants under the age of one should always wear a hat. Even when inside during extremely cold weather, newborns should wear a hat and long-sleeved onesies because their heads can lose a significant amount of heat.

When the temperature is 40°F or lower, older children and toddlers should wear a hat and gloves. If you feel cold on your hands, feet, and ears as an adult, your child needs a hat and gloves. Choose waterproof gloves over fleece or cotton gloves, which can become wet and lose their ability to retain heat. You can get all these items from Wholesale Baby Clothes Online.

3.     The layering of Fleece

Now move on to the step to put on your fleece layers. We prefer 3-in-1 coats and snow pants with bibs for children's winter clothing (an extra layer under the fleece coat). A fleece jacket can also be worn over an unlined snow jacket.

Add a layer of fleece pants if it is extremely cold, below zero, or if you will be outside for an extended period without moving. And match it up with a Wholesale Baby Jumpsuits Online. You can skip the fleece pants if your child will be active and will not be outside for an extended time (also true with fleece-lined snow pants).

Final Words

It may appear to be much gear, but you need multiple layers to adjust for temperature. When shopping for winter accessories, look for warm and waterproof hats, gloves, and so on. We guarantee that if you use the above tips, even if you travel around the world to cold locations, you and your children will be protected from the elements and able to have fun.

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