Safer ways to wash Baby Clothes

Safer ways to wash Baby Clothes

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Are you wondering how to wash baby clothes? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this guide, we have mentioned top tips to wash baby clothes easily. You can check the details below:

First of all, you need to understand why it is important to wash baby’s clothes properly. You should prepare for it as these clothes may have lots of bacteria, so you need to remove them completely with thorough washing.

Check washing instruction:

When you buy babies onesies wholesale, these come with brand label that may have information and washing instructions. You can get detailed information about material of the baby dress. It also suggests if clothes need machine wash or hand wash. Some clothes are designed with delicate materials that need to be washed delicately with hands as they may get damaged if you go with machine wash, so read washing instructions carefully.

Clean and disinfect your hands before washing baby’s clothes:

You should disinfect your hands before washing clothes of babies as your hands may transfer bacteria to clothes, so take care of it.

Use right kind of detergent:

There are variety of options that are available in market if you look into detergent options. You should try using the best and safe one that is made up of safe chemicals or specially designed for washing baby clothes. Some people prefer non-chemical laundry detergent or soap and you can also think about it. Regular detergent may cause allergic reaction and harm your baby’s skin, so try to use eco-friendly and safe products.

Soak in hot water:

If you can pre-soak baby clothes in hot water, then it can be great. Hot water can kill the bacteria or germs and make it easy to clean the stains on the clothes. You should check water temperature as if you soak in very hot water, it can cause tears and rips.

Wash these clothes separately:

You should be very cautious while washing baby’s clothes. Try to wash them separately. If you wash these clothes with other clothes, there are chances that bacteria from other clothes may transfer to clothes of baby. It may be harmful for babies, so be careful.

Use warm water after washing baby’s clothes:

Once you are done with washing these clothes, you should soak these clothes in warm water, so that harmful chemicals, allergic germs or bacteria may get destroyed.

Dry baby’s clothes in sun:

You should dry these clothes in sunlight as it is like a natural disinfectant.


There are so many things that you should consider while washing clothes of your baby. We have mentioned important tips that you can use to make washing stress free and safe for your baby. Try to use safe and chemical free detergents or products to wash clothes as it keeps your baby from getting skin or allergy issues. This is how you can make the things easier. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have query.

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